Perfect Day!!!

We are finally in Washington! Our new home! :)  It is crazy how fast these last couple weeks have gone by.  After the wedding it seems like everything has just been in fast forward.  So lets start with the wedding..
Wednesday August 18th 2010:
We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple at 11am :)  Ben and I had to be at the temple at 7 because I decided to take out my endowments the same day.  The session was at 9, and i was super nervous. But, it really was amazing!  The whole morning was perfect :)  After we got out of the temple it was sunny and perfect, then after pictures we went back inside to change before the luncheon. Right after we went back inside of the temple it started raining. How lucky are we!!!?
The luncheon also went perfect, it was just how we wanted it. :)  Same with the reception, all in all it was our day and it was great! I'm so glad it all worked out the way we wanted it to. :)  Pictures are supposed to be finished soon and I can't wait to see them :)
Here are some pics my friend Bailee took at the reception. :)

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  1. I am SO glad everything went great! You two look so happy together! I wish you the best and hope you know it will just keep getting better! I'm so proud of you!


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