We have a place to SLEEP!!!!! :)

I bought our bed today!!!! :) I was so excited! haha i don't think i ever thought i would be excited for the things that excite me every day. Even at my Bridal Shower, every time i opened a gift i was so exited! "oh my gosh, a toaster! CUTE!" thats really how it was every single time. haha It makes me laugh.
The apartment we thought we had didn't work out. (dumb people didn't have any left, and they told us they did....rude)  BUT, i found a different one and i love it so much, it is a billion times cuter than the first one!!  its also 200 square feet bigger, AND its only 1 1/2 years old. so it looks brand new. I love it! :)  I'm calling them tomorrow so I hope everything works out.

Look how cute it is!!!! :) I love it, i hope we get it!!!

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  1. That is SO fun! The first place is always the best! I really hope you get it too, takes a LOT of stress off when you finally have something! I can't wait!! Keep the pictures coming!


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