16 days :)

Only 16 days til we tie the knot!!!!! :)  I'm so ridiculously excited although it still seems so far away! ha its not fair.
I went shopping today for a coffee table, and i got the CUTEST stuff!!! Our apartment is going to look so cute :)
I bought a black coffee table and a red end table to go in our living room. Also i found our bed!!! But i think i'm going to wait til Ben gets home to buy it.
Coffee Table

Side Table

This is the bed I want to get :)
I am SOOOO excited to get to our apartment and put all the cool things we bought together.  I LOVE IKEA! So so so so many awesome stuff in that store, and I was ridiculously excited to find out that there is an Ikea about 25 minutes from our apartment! :)
I also got some cute candles from Pier 1 today and I'm thinking about this lamp I saw when i was buying the tables from IKEA:

Idk if we should get it.... hmmmm. haha well even though packing is taking FOREVER, and it seems like we have a never ending pile of stuff..... Now that we decided on our apartment. We need more. ha We chose one with 2 bedrooms, so that means extra space. which means more stuff. Only 16 days!!! :)

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