Gotta get your head in the game....

So. Packing = difficult. Who knew?
i thought this would be all cute and fun and easy.... WRONG-O. haha its hard! And i'm not even 1/3 of the way done yet. Actually I've only packed our gifts we received at my Bridal Shower. haha so basically.... Lots to do.
This is our pile of Boxes......

Ya.... Those are only bridal shower gifts..... 

Well on a brighter note!  Ben and I now have a FUTON!!! Hooooorrrrrraaaayyyyy! I was so excited! My aunts got it for us.  (not to mention the AMAZING other gifts we received at the shower... maybe i'll mention a few later.)  its so cute! Our living room will be White/Black/Red. it is so fun to plan our what our home will look like! Anyway. Here is the futon:

 SO cute right?! With some red pillows it'll make our living room absolutely adorable! haha

Also! I bought a kitchen table yesterday!!!! :) wanna see? ok, you don't have to beg..... ;)

Again, Cute huh???! haha i know i know, they really aren't AMAZING, but with the "Ben & Sam decorating awesome-ness" we add, it'll be great! haha

We were given SO many cute things at the shower, and I really am thankful for everyone that loves us.  We know some very generous people, and we are lucky! :)  Time to pack all this up and move it to Washington!!!! Ready, Get Set, GO!!!!!!!!


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