Engaged!!! :)

A week ago yesterday we FINALLY got to go to Vegas. :)
Marianne and I left on Wednesday morning, It didn't seem like too long of a drive but i think it was mostly because i was so darn excited. haha
When we got off the freeway in Las Vegas, her car started acting weird. Like it was out of gas, but it said we had 30 miles to go til empty. So we were a bit confused. We tried to find a gas station....but the strip is a bit hard to drive down quickly. ha so we ended up drifting into the valet parking at a hotel. Lucky huh? haha by then it was 4 and Ben's plane was landing at 5, so we took a cab to a gas station, filled up a gallon of gas, drove back to the hotel, picked up the car and filled it with the gallon we had picked up, drove back to the gas station, filled up, and took off for the airport! It was definitely an adventure.
We got to the airport at about 5:10, and luckily right as we got there I got a text from Ben saying they had just landed. We waited, and waited, and waited. haha it seemed like FOREVER, and it was. haha
Finally after what seemed like an eternity i saw Ben get off the escalator. We ran to meet him and I received the BEST HUG i have ever had. haha I can't even explain the feeling of relief and happiness.
He put me down and kissed me, and I said "gee you took forever!" then Ben in his usual smooth self said "i had a good reason" then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. . . . Don't worry i said yes. haha
It really was the best thing ever, i couldn't have asked for a more perfect proposal. Or a more perfect RING! Its gorgeous!!!!

Marianne was so sweet to get pictures of it for us. :)

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