Double Two..

22 Days Left til our wedding day!!! :)
This past week has really been a whole ton of a lot better than it has been lately.
I have kind of come to terms with the fact that no matter how much i wish or complain, Ben can't come home.  He can't help with this wedding stuff and I can't see him every day.  But its ok! Because there are only 3 weeks and 1 day left!!!! And then we have the rest of forever to be together! :)
Wedding plans are going.... well they are going. haha I have ended up doing A LOT of stuff myself. mostly because i'm really picky. ha  I decided on doing my own invitations. . . Which were a TON of work. ha but i REALLY love the way they turned out.
Saturday we took bridals/gromals, and when I picked up my bouquet... it was the ugliest thing. So i took it apart, bought some more flowers, pearls, and ribbon... and made my own.
I wasn't planning on the whole DIY thing. But.... I like it a ton better.  :)  After all... if you want something done right.. Do it yourself. haha :)

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