Well only 2 weeks left of school and I'M HOME!!!! I have to say.... i'm really excited. Excited to be with my family, excited to be able to relax, excited to be able to sleep in, excited to be with Ben's family, excited to just be HOME. :)
There is however something I am more excited about then going home........ Ben is going to be stationed at Nellis AFB (close to Las Vegas) at the end of June!!!! Which means he will only be about 5 hours away from me!!! And if i want i can see him every single weekend. :)
Plans have also changed for the summer... No more going to Texas. Instead we decided it'd be better if we just waited 4 days longer and spend the weekend in Vegas together. I'll get to pick Ben up from the airport when he gets to Vegas and then we'll spend the weekend together. :) I'm so excited, and adding 4 days to the tally of "not seeing each other days" isn't that bad. haha after all... we've already lived through what seems like a thousand days already. how hard is 4 more? Right??? I can do this....haha


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