5 weeks....

Well. Its been awhile since I posted anything. Lately school has been extremely stressful, and busy. I have never wanted summer to come so badly before. ha Usually i wish school would just keep going, but i'm definitely ready for a break. Its funny because it doesn't really seem like I have a ton to do until it all hits me at once... i guess thats just me being a procrastinator though. ONLY 5 more weeks left of this and i'm home. Finally. I miss it.
Ben is sick. I hate it when Ben is sick. It kills me. I wish i could just fly to Texas and take care of him, it seems like he has been so busy lately and it kills me to know he is just getting busier and busier when he is also getting sick. Someone should give him a break I think. ha But i guess thats just life. at least thats what Ben keeps telling me. It still doesn't change the fact that i just wish i could help. I hate that feeling of knowing i can't do anything.

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