Missing You ALL the Time

This past week has been seriously crazy. I have been so busy and so spread thin with all the stuff i have to be focused on. It really just all came at once. Stressed doesn't not even begin to describe it. haha But.... even though I feel overwhelmed and sometimes annoyed with it all. I can honestly say i like it. I like being busy. I hate just sitting around with nothing to do, and not knowing how to spend my night or afternoon.
Being this stressed does put me in the worst mood sometimes though. And i'm glad i have Ben to remind me not to act like a complete monster. haha Really though, he is brave. I'm not nice when i'm upset. . . This whole past week of crazy has really made me realize how much I miss him. He has a way of making me forget about all the small insignificant problems that make it hard to focus on school or work and it really does help. :) I miss having him around to just talk to whenever i want or watch a movie with or even just drive somewhere with. He is so easy to be around, and no matter how much I have going on he can always make me sit back and relax without worrying about everything. I love it. I miss it. and I've come to find that I really do need it. I miss my Ben. :(

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