Do what you LOVE! Love what you DO! :)

Well, for the past little while i have really been stressed out about things having to do with school and a future career (or lack of one). It has really been confusing and frustrating not knowing what I want to do in the future. It has also been putting a strain on my school work because i don't know why i'm here at school, it just seemed like i was working so hard for nothing. I had no goal or outcome set. It is like running a race and not knowing where the finish line is, or how you are going to get there. I hate the feeling of the unknown. I have always been someone that LOVES to plan out things and know exactly what i am doing. But realizing my current goals weren't what i wanted created that feeling of anxiety and worry in me. Along with the strain it has been putting on my school work, it has also just made me a less happy person in general. Stress makes me "not so nice". haha
BUT..... i think i've finally figured out what I should do. And it feels so amazing to figure that out. I have decided to switch my major from Psychology to Business. :) Up until now i had been planning on being a marriage and family counselor, and although i know i would enjoy this.... it doesn't really match with my other life goals of being a stay at home Mom and being focused on my family. That job would require a lot of time and would also require me to work for a long period of time in order to be successful. In all reality.... that isn't what i want. I want to be able to stay at home with my kids and be there for them when they need me.
I spoke to Ben about all the things i was concerned about, and I guess i wanted him to just tell me what i should do....but he didn't. (which kinda frustrated me to be honest. haha) He just told me to think about what i want and make my own decision. So... i thought about it. and i realized that I want to be an Event Planner! I love researching things and creating presentations. I love weddings and families, and this would be the PERFECT job for me! So i've figured it out!!! And i am so excited! I can do this anywhere in the world, and i can work on my own schedule :) which fits perfect with my future goals.
I love the feeling of relief. I am so Happy right now! :) I can't wait to start the rest of forever. Bring it on!

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  1. Oh that's so exciting Sam! I just changed my major also. I hated trying to figure out what I should do in my life. But you are exactly right, you need to do something that you love and will be happy with for the rest of your life! I thought about being an Event Planner but decided on baking instead. :) Because I love to back just like you love to plan things out. I'm excited that you figured that out! :)


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