Great Sunday :)

Sunday is finally here! :) This week seemed to go really slow. It has officially been a week since i've seen Ben. :( But it really feels like i just saw him yesterday. This week i am really thankful for my extended family. I have spent a lot of time with my great aunt Pam and her kids and their kids this week. It feel so good to be around little kids again! I forget how much i miss my siblings and cousins. Something about little kids just makes me happy :) Today was my 3rd cousin Kasen's 5th birthday party. It was pirate themed, and sooooo cute. :) He was so excited to just have everyone there especially for him. I loved watching him open his presents and get all excited. It was so cute. Sometimes i wish we could all be like little kids and get so excited about the smallest things. It has definitely been a fun week being with family. Nothing beats that. :) One week down, about 13 left to go until Ben's next graduation!

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