Letter Today!!!!!!

I finally got a letter from Ben today!!! :) I was so excited. He writes the best letters. It was kind of sad not having him here for Valentines Day, but he definitely made up for it. :) He is so sweet, and i love how enthusiastic he is about everything that he does. I'm so proud of all he is accomplishing. I would be so scared to leave everything i know and join the military, but he is brave and willing to sacrifice for his country. He loves his family so much, and he always talks about them in the nicest way. He loves me and i know that if i ever needed anything he would be there. He is the best kind of man; he loves the gospel and i know he has a testimony of it. He is going to do so many great and wonderful things with his life, and i am so lucky i get to be apart of it! He truly makes me want to be a better person, and even though being apart stinks....I have never felt closer to him. I love that he gets so passionate about things, because i do the same thing. haha We go together perfectly, and compliment each other in every way. I have never been happier. And he has everything to do with that. Days like today are the best. :)

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