Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's 43rd Birthday! :) It was fun to celebrate it with my family. It feels so good to be home, even if it is only for a week. I love my family so much, and being with them really makes me miss them even more the next time i leave. Sometimes I wish i could just stay a kid forever just so i wouldn't have to leave them. But no matter how much fun it would be to stay 18 forever, i still am excited for all that life has to offer. How can I want to stay a kid and want to grow up fast all at the same time? haha its so confusing. But i guess its normal....right? I think the thing that has been the biggest eye opener for me is the fact that ME growing up also means EVERYONE else growing up to. Everyone including my siblings. . . Seeing my little brother and sister go through teenage years its so weird to me. I wish I could just follow them around all day and make sure they don't make dumb decisions or make sure everyone is nice to them. I think for brief moments at a time i experience what my parents go through every single day. That has definitely given me a deeper respect for my parents and what they do. Happy Birthday Dad!!! You have done a great job! :) Best dad in the world.

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