Well, i decided to start a blog. ha Kinda corny, but i really don't care. haha Basically i want to have somewhere i can write down all the many things that are running through my head.
My life right now is exactly where i want it to be, and it took awhile to get there. For so long i just worried about what i couldn't do or what I thought i wanted or needed. But in reality, all that unnecessary worrying just made me super unhappy. I didn't know i was unhappy, and I am positive I didn't act unhappy. haha But once you really become happy you realize that what you thought was happiness.....wasn't even close. ;) I really found my happiness in my senior year of high school, when a seminary teacher gave a lesson on "Giving Your Life to God"; i can honestly say this lesson changed my life. I will forever be grateful for that teacher for his lesson that day. It was then i decided to STOP worrying and STOP trying to control everything in my life. I decided to accept the fact that if i did everything i could to be a good person and accomplish everything i wanted to, my Heavenly Father would take care of the rest. And ya know what? It worked. I smiled more, I laughed more, and I have never felt better.
Coming to college was kind of an eye opener. I saw things i never thought were "real life". I experienced different kinds of people and saw a lot of things that really made me make some tough decisions. I am definitely not perfect, but i can say that I have found a lot of inner strength dealing with the things that college life has thrown at me. I have seen people mess up their lives, and testimonies for short term happiness. And I know it isn't worth it. Looking to see past the "tunnel vision" that is common among people my age has been my greatest lesson moving away from home.
The second lesson I learned from moving away is that I NEED my family. I knew that i loved my family, i knew that i would miss them. But i didn't know how much i need them. They are truly my greatest blessing, and i have no idea what life would be like if i had been blessed to be placed in the family I am in. I sure don't want to find out. Without them, i would not be the "Sammie" I am today. I've learned that my mom and dad are my greatest examples, and not only are they my parents.... but they are my friends. I have learned that my siblings are amazing people.

My older sister is the best example of a sister anyone could have, never have I seen someone care for her family so much. Never have I seen a harder worker, or a better older sister. She is doing so many great things, and not only does she care for my family, but she honestly cares for everyone.

My younger sister has grown up, and it is hard to accept. She is beautiful inside and out, and its no wonder EVERYONE loves her. Some days i wonder if it would have been better for her to be the older sister and me the younger... i'm sure she would have done a better job ;). Every time i talk with her i can tell she is growing and becoming her own person, a person i look up to.

My younger brother is now a young man. It is strange to think that girls and jr. high are now part of his every day life. He is a tough kid, and even though i'm sure wrestling and school and friends are fun, each time i come home he is willing to spend time with me. How grateful i am for a younger brother that WANTS to be around me! ha (well idk if he really wants to , but if not he is nice for acting like he does... ha) One thing that has really impressed me about him has been his care of the Priesthood, i am blessed to know that there is a boy....no.... man... growing up in my home with a respect for the priesthood he holds.

I know my family is the reason i am where i am today. And i am grateful for the opportunity I have to be apart of something so special and eternal.

I love them!! :)

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